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Top Notch Fishing Gear At Rock Bottom Prices!
FishIt helps you find the right fishing gear for the right time at the best prices on the market - They cut out the middle men selling top quality fishing gear directly from factory to you. Their manufacturers are only those who also produce for the best known quality brands.
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South Wales Fishing Pages
South Wales Fishing.Covering an area from Magor to Ogmore, put together to help others from both with in and outside the area by promoting the marks from Magor in the east down to Ogmore deeps in the west.
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The Pembrokeshire Anglers Association Online
The Pembrokeshire Anglers Association is a long established fishing association that owns and teases approximately 15 miles of prime fishing on the Western Cleddau River and its tributaries. The PAA's waters stretch from the fast flowing upper reaches to the tidal areas above Haverfordwest.
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Ogwen Valley Angling Association
There is a variety of fishing available on the Association's waters. You can enjoy fishing in Dyffryn Ogwen's four lakes for their resident wild brown trout. Llyn Ogwen is also stocked regularly during the season with good quality rainbow trout from a local source. You can also fish the River Ogwen as it flows through one of the most impressive valleys in Eryri, good numbers of salmon and sea trout visit the river yearly, wild brown trout are also resident throught the river.
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This Fly Fishing Web Site covers my favourite haunts in Wales, UK and also a few fisheries that I have travelled to further afield in England. It includes Favourite fly patterns that I have discovered along my travels, a description of what tackle I prefer to use and also a brief history of my Fly-Fishing Career which started way back in the early 1980's!.
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Dyffryn Springs Fishery
Dyffryn Springs is a new fishery on the western outskirts of Cardiff within two minutes of Culverhouse Cross and five of Junction 33 of the M4. The Fishery is situated in the beautiful open countryside of the Vale of Glamorgan in the small village of Dyffryn. There are currently six lakes on site Waycock, Thaw, Goldsland, Reservoir, Wallace and Worleton. These are all fed from our own springs providing the highest quality water.
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Bushwakkers Adventure Weekends In Wales
Fishing Tours available leaving from London on a Friday. Our trips are designed so that you go back to work feeling refreshed and recharged. Loads of fun, loads of adventure, loads of grog (optional) and loads of sleep.
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